Friday, January 28, 2011

A Template For Every Awful Facebook Discussion You've Ever Witnessed

T-Pain is "Like"able.

Why didn't I think of this!

Let the copycats begin...


British Ape Walks On Two Feet, Has Swagger

Apparently this trait also has exhibited itself in his siblings and father as well.

Evolution is FUN!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Jeff Goldblum is a Pimp, Cradle Robber

JB, 58, and his new 26 year old daughter girlfriend model and heiress Lydia Hearst-Shaw share some love in LA.


Mandy Moore is Cool, Reminds Us Why.

Um, HELLO!  Mandy Moore was looking Dope As Hell yesterday at LAX.  Seems like she may have lost a few lbs.  It's working for her. 

And let's be honest, on the cool scale she has always been off the charts.*


*get it? Charts? Music? ha.

Kotex is Cooler Than Your Brand of Tampon - IT's ON!

Kotex has officially made it en vogue to brag about your brand of tampon.

Ahem, I would like to say that I have been using KOTEX for YEARS.  I am so much cooler than you.  See Rachel?

More at commentary at

Who is Josh Raiden?

No, seriously.  Who is this guy?  I saw him on Ellen this AM (don't judge me!) and was captivated by his music.  It put me in a spell.  I was Spellbound?  Never used that word before.  So ya know I am very serial.

Email, tweet or FB me if you already know and love this dude.  MORE.

Harps Supermarket is Homophobic

BARF.  Look what our friends at Harps Supermarkets found too provocative for children to see.

Fuck That.  Pardon my French.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Eco-friendly Nail Products: Scotch Naturals

Scotch Naturals is a line of water-based, non-toxic polish that is free of the harsh chemicals found in most solvent-based polishes. Designed to nourish and strengthen nails with repeated use, it is non-yellowing, and requires no base or top coat. The line currently includes 13 vibrant colors and a polish remover.

Yeah it does! 

I was terribly unaware that nail polish generally includes "toxins."   Enter Scotch Naturals - an eco-friendly line of nail polish and remover.  The packaging is gorgeous, why not let your nail regime sit atop the bathroom counter with your perfumes or spency face products?

Also a great gift for Valentines Day...

How to Get Smacked by Your Girlfriend on Valentines Day

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Refinery 29 Chicago Launches: April and Heiji Dazzle

I may be geographically in Los Angeles but I am keeping close tabs on you Chicago.  Ya Heard?

Therefore I am happy to announce that fashionite-favorite Refinery29 has finally launched in your kinda town, Chicago!

Two of my favorite Chicago Mavens were in effect and also featured today on the site.  Check out their flawlessly fabulous looks below.

April Francis

Heiji Choy Black
Go ahead and creep on April at Haute Closet and Heiji Choy Black at Black/Francis.

See more pic's and sign up at Refinery 29.  Welcome!

Publish the Burning Man Book, Get Free Copy

As you may recall, Trevis attended Burning Man this year.  Not only was this the theme of most, if not all, of our encounters leading up to said event, but the discourse continued for months after.  The jury is still out regarding my participation with my former dread-locked husband at this year's festivities.  I believe the answer still lies between 2 - 4 cocktails.


Trevis returned from the desert with breathtaking pictures of the massive art exhibits and outrageous and elaborate costumes that define the Burning Man experience.  I was truly in awe.  So when I stumbled upon this callout for funding of a unique Burning Man book, I thought I would help out.

They need about another $10,000 to make their goal...donate a min of $50 and receive a copy of the book and your name printed inside.  The benefits get better as you pay up.  Not a bad deal.

Maybe I will be in next year's edition ; )


Morning Smile: Chanel's Dancing Products

Animating Chanel on

Monday, January 24, 2011

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Wildfox White Label Available for Preorder at SINGER22

and all I can say is, GIMME!  And might I add that this model's hair is fabU?

Wildfox Marie Antoinette Night Lover Dress

Of course no shoes is the preferred way of styling.  However, in the event that you have a job or need to leave your house.  These flatforms seem apropos ; )

Jeffrey Campbell Snick Fringe Shoe

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


If the point of this email blast was to scare the bajeezus out of me.  Well, then mission accomplished.

If it was for me to sign up to see MORE pictures like below on the right.  Then, FAIL.

Happy Feet from Nasty Gal

De de de de, la la la la laaaaaaa. 

These shoes make me SUPA happy.  This is what a spring shoe should look like.  For those of us in 80 degree weather that is.  Sorry Chicago. U too New York.

And only $58 bucks.



I don't know how else to phrase this.


One female body part slammed into my mind when I spotted this (very explicably on sale) shoe/boot/sandal this morning.  That is all I can say.


Get Nailed: OPI Delivers a Smashing New(ish) Color

I always feel like innovative nail color is on the brink of extinction.  I am always wrong.

LOVE this OPI color, Shatter.  Goes on black and then cracks (does not chip).  Apparently it was launched in October as part of a collection for Katy Perry, however was getting a lot of love at the gifting suites for the globes.

Add caption
More info at Style Section LA.

Robot Replaces Kid at School, I'm Jealous

This Knox city, Texas kid is unable to attend school due to health issues. 


Neveryoumind!  He has a robot that goes for him.  Look at his wittle face in there!  I can't imagine how  much his life has changed. 


Friday, January 14, 2011

Kate Beckinsale is Now Having More Fun

Sienna Miller Kate Beckinsdale arrived at LAX today donning a new dew.

This better be for a "role" much like Zac Efrons new constipated physicque and south Boston accent. 

Yeah, I don't think so.


Sass & Bide Shorty Shorts

You will be mine, oh yes, you will be mine.

sass & bide Wild Denim Shorts

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Zooey Deschanel Stomps Her Way to the Big Bucks

Zooey Deschanel is one of those Hollywood Starlets who evokes neither the thought of Hollywood nor Starlet.  And that makes me love her.  She is the epitome of an indie chick.

Which brings me to my point (which may surprise you).  Zooey is the new face of Rimmel London cosmetics.  And to that I say, NICE WORK!  Those campaigns pay bank.  It find nothing wrong with cashing in on fame, hey who am I to judge?

What is so amazingly perfect about Zooey is how awkward she as a cover girl.  May I direct your attention to the video below?  Right about the 19 second mark, you will notice what appears to be an attempt at a "runway walk." 

Did you hear what I did?  clomp clomp clomp clomp.  Girlfriend  is so clearly out of her element that it makes it more amazing that she is the focus of the commercial.  And is clear cut proof she is indie at heart.


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Prodigy on Ellen Plays With Lots of Balls

 Scroll to about 1:45...cute.

New Kicks By Ash on Shopbop

As I mentioned there will be no more peep toe booties for me.  I realize that I am NOT in the majority based on the lineup of inventory on Shopbop....


I did find these little beauties (for a very fair $190)  amongst the enemy to all with ugly toes.

Check it.

New (to us) Couple Alert

Apparently Regina King (227*, Jerry Maguire, Southland) and Malcom Jamal Warner have been dating for about three years without nary a report by the media.  Now, that takes skillz.

I adore Regina King and Malcom will always been Theo so.....CHEERS!



*227 is the place to be, with Marla Gibbs and her Fa-ma-lee!

AYO! The Perfect Spring Dress from Asos!

Once in a while there comes along a dress/pant/shirt that is so versatile it is worth purchasing one in every color.  This dandy from ASOS is just that for the springtime.  Heels, flats, blazer, boyfriend sweaters...the world is your oyster ladies. All for about $78.00 each.  I imagine they are flying so, as I say, Giddy UP!

Buy her HERE.


Monday, January 10, 2011

Kanye West Gives Peta the Finger

Snakeskin and Fur and Leather O MY!

PS - I Can't Make This.

Not exactly the "white lacquer" look I was going for.  Back to the paint store.*


*to pick up one of those dudes looking for work.

Australia Adds Baby Bats to List of Animals Falling From the Sky

According to the Daily Mail:

Torrential rain has brought chaos to Australia, and not just to the humans who live there.

Australian Bat Clinic and Wildlife Trauma Centre director Trish Wimberley and her carers have helped save 130 orphaned bats on the Gold Coast in past weeks.
They saved 350 young bats during the 2008 storm season but this year think there's more going on than just wild weather.
Carers have visited several bat 'camps' on the coast in recent weeks to find four-week-old babies on the ground covered in maggots and fly eggs.

Yum! I am sure this has nothing to do with all of the animals falling from the sky or the giant schools of fish washing ashore across the world.  Totally.


Hey look cute baby bats!

"Dude, wtf is going on??"


LiLo at Lakers Game, Has Blonder Hair.

I sorta hate myself for posting these pictures as I feel it makes me part of the problem.* 


I can't help it.  Lohan was out at the Lakers game this weekend looking really healthy and happy.

The End.


*which it does

The Sisters McCord Work the Pavement

AnnaLynne McCord and her hot-as-hell sisters were snapped by Mario Testino the paparazzi heading in (or out) of the Warren-Tricomi salon in West Hollywood last week. 


Funny enough, this is exactly what my friends and I look like on a random Thursday.

Small world.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

No Words

Fun With Trapping Your Husband

Trevis:  I met the two girls who might move into the house in front of us.
Kelly: Are they normal?
Trevis: Yeah, they look like it.
Kelly: Are they hot?
Trevis: Um, one is like a 7 and the other is about an 8.
Kelly: What number am I?
Trevis: 9
Kelly: (blink, stare, blink)
Trevis:Wait! Shit, UGHHHH! Shhhh Stop! SHHHHHHH!
Kelly: You know i have to blog about this, right?
Trevis: No, COME ON!!! NOOO!
Kelly: Lol's.

The face of a helpless man.